How Mindfulness Can Help Your Work Productivity, By Nicole Whitbeck-Dohnal

I am still learning the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a new way of experiencing life and improving work-life balance. When we procrastinate and get overwhelmed with how busy we are at work, we avoid engaging in what is really going on around us. Being mindful of this can help you remain focused and help you respond wisely to each challenge that unfolds.

Being mindful when communicating with other seems easy but it can take practice. Listen to yourself when having a conversation. Are you being mindful of how you speak and listen? Make sure you choose your words with honesty.

Take time to write in your work or personal journal every day and keep track of your communications and conversations to help you reflect on them.

Some ways to practice while at work:

  • Take 10 minutes in the late morning to refocus yourself by closing your eyes and breathing or taking a short walk to clear your head.
  • On your lunch break take 15-20 minutes to read.
  • Make yourself a cup of herbal tea.
  • Pick your head up and look around at bit.

Mindfulness is, and attitude not so much, a skill. Take yourself off autopilot and reconnect to yourself. Doing this will help you refocus on the work at hand and communicate/connect with people.

Nicole Whitbeck-Dohnal
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