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Executive Director
Families & Schools Together, Inc

The Executive Director of Families and Schools Together (FAST) will have a natural passion for social justice and civil rights, and will be motivated to insure all youth and families have equal opportunity to be successful. FAST is an evidence-based model included on lists of recommended government programs Serving families worldwide; the FAST leader will work collaboratively and energetically with staff and global community partners to bring the program to stressed families and engage socially marginalized populations. The next leader will be able to effectively articulate, with stories as well as statistical data, the proven success rates of FAST’s programs. The Executive Director should have a respect for rigorous quantitative evidence, as well as qualitative research results.

The next leader will lead the growth and reach of the programs, which includes the original core program, FAST, as well as work to develop new programming to meet the current needs of communities struggling with poverty, opioid addiction, school safety, ACE (adverse childhood events), early trauma, toxic stress and other challenges to children’s and parents’ success, and effectively oversee the documentation of the program results for continued improvement.  Successful experience with fundraising through diverse revenue sources, including grants, will be key in supporting the growth effort. The Executive Director will guide a strong, committed and engaged staff, helping infuse a culture of positivity, inclusion, transparent communication, collaboration and mission-focus into daily work strategies and processes, fostering creative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The next Executive Director will have experience building a nonprofit organization, understanding the complex landscape of race disparities in education, health, and employment, applying theory into practice, e.g. social work, group work, community organizing, and how the key partnerships with parents, schools and communities provide proven success for children.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Promote an organizational culture that fosters passion for FAST’s mission nationally and internationally, cooperation, open and frequent communication, teamwork, and a common organizational vision.
  • Oversee fund development planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources and establishing strategies to identify and develop relationships with individual, corporate and/or foundation donors/funders; oversee grant writing and application process.
  • Oversee the development of a strategic planning process to identify needed changes in strategy and direction for the long-term health of the organization, and guide the staff in the successful and collaborative implementation of that plan.
  • Regularly assesses the effectiveness of FAST’s programs, and cultivate and identify new partnerships and opportunities to increase the capacity and impact of FAST wor
  • Oversees the financial operations of FAST including: creating and managing annual budgets, monitoring actual financial performance relative to budgets, monitoring cash flows and providing required reports to the Board and outside agencies.
  • Cultivate a robust, professional partnership with the Board of Directors, characterized by a deep commitment to the performance of the organization, the highest standards of respect, trustworthiness, and transparency, and timely, relevant, and meaningful information reporting, as the liaison between board and staff.
  • Provide thoughtful leadership to the staff, including professional development opportunities and fair and transparent feedback.
  • Create respectful relationships with FAST parent graduates, FAST trainers, FAST teams, FAST sites from the past and currently, as well as other organizations and educational institutions with whom FAST collaborates for positive outcomes and increased efficiencies.

Required Attributes:

      Mission-Focused: Connection to and sincere passion for the mission of FAST with the ability to articulate the mission across all key stakeholder groups (e.g., FAST parent graduates, FAST teams, FAST trainers and supervisors, office staff, FAST board, business and community partners nationally and internationally).  A commitment to creating real social change, understanding that improved lives are the end game.

      Social Justice Lens: Belief in the value of offering evidence based strategies for reducing disparities, and promoting equal access to a good life for all, regardless of background, income level, or race.

      Relationship-Oriented: Understand that people come before process, astute in cultivating and managing respectful relationships toward a common goal.

      Collaborative: Understand the roles and contributions of community partners, board, FAST parent graduates, FAST trainers, and staff as team members, and is able to mobilize these valuable partners through meaningful engagement.

Results-Driven: Dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good. Understands research and evaluation data and can interpret data for popular audiences.

      Brand Steward: Positive face of the FAST brand, understanding the leader’s role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the FAST program. Acts with integrity and strong ethics to

foster trust at all levels. Exceptional communication skills.

      Visionary: Confront the complex realities of the environment and be able to envision and articulate a different and better future, providing purpose, direction, and motivation.

      Team-Builder: Ensure the right people are in the right roles at the right times; foster transparent communication, trust, and collaboration, both internally and externally.

      Business Acumen: Possess a high-level of broad business and management skills to effectively manage a budget and to generate financial support for the organization.

Experience & Qualifications

  • A leader who is both visible and approachable, respects people different from him or herself, and portrays integrity, transparency, enthusiasm, a sense of humor, resilience, and a strong work et
  • Deep experiences with serving, including, and respecting diverse communities, both nationally and/or internationally.
  • Experience in leading a nonprofit organization and working closely with a board.
  • Demonstrated success in securing grants and major gifts, and an understanding of the complex nature and time frame of the development effort, including experience with innovative ways to fundraise among new revenue sources and donor partners.
  • Experience developing and adhering to a budget which may fluctuate due to grant cycles.
  • Experience working collaboratively and creatively with human service nonprofits, education organizations, other community partners and parents as partners to meet the needs of the people they ser
  • Bachelor’s degree and exceptional work experience requir Master’s degree preferred.
  • Ability to travel to visit S. and international partners as required.
  • Languages: Fluency in English is required. Additional languages preferred.

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