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Vice President of Sales
Confidential Technology Company

As our first VP of Sales, you’re a person with advanced sales and management skills looking to build something amazing. You’re an inspiring thought leader with both high level strategic vision and the tactical execution to deliver. You will have complete command over our sales strategies and the autonomy to thrive. You’ll oversee our entire sales organization, leading the strategic vision to drive sales. You’ve been described as a “go-to person” more than once in your career. You radiate a sense of calm and respect while still maintaining a healthy dose of urgency in your work. You’re the type of person who is data driven and is also an expert at performance management. You’ll directly manage our two division Directors of Sales and their teams, analyzing sales data from Salesforce and using that data to build actionable sales processes. We have eager teams of junior and seasoned reps; you’ll fit in here if you’re a self-starter who likes to get s*** done while building a fun, competitive culture. This is a rewarding role in a company that is small enough to shine in, but established enough to provide security. With us, you will flourish.

Key priorities:

Track record of success: You have a proven success managing people from a high level, and you actually enjoy it. You’ve spent several years building and managing sales teams and aren’t afraid to tackle the gritty details of the sales process. The numbers speak for themselves and you have tangible proof of your results.

Tech Savvy: You have solid B2C, B2B, Channel and Enterprise sales experience selling Software, Training/Education, Saas or another type of intangible IT or technical solution. By now, you’ve already mastered your CRM and can probably build out whatever you don’t have available right now.

Interdepartmental Collaboration: You’ve spent your career partnering with marketing and operations and understand their importance in the sales cycle.  Growth is the key goal and you look for solutions to work together rather than pass blame or make excuses for missed goals.

Influence: Motivation is key to you, and you love to teach others what you know. Consultative selling is your sales style; you understand how to listen for a client’s needs, your teams’ needs, and provide options to meet those needs. This includes building out career pathing, motivating your team to hit personal and professional goals, and influencing a positive culture.

Analytical: Data. Data. Data. The proof is in the pudding and you know that the numbers will tell you a story of performance, goal achievement, and bottlenecks. You love the data and are adept at using it to build and tweak strategies and processes. 

Culture Creator: People want to work for you! You bring a positive attitude and aren’t afraid to get a bit silly or participate in office shenanigans. Building a place where you and our employees feel good about coming to every day is important and should be part of your leadership style.

Experience & Competencies:

Job Duties:

  • Help to hire, train, motivate and hold accountable the sales organization and support them in achieving and exceeding their targets.
  • Use available data and metrics to make informed decisions and uncover potential missed opportunities
  • Manage incentive plans to foster a competitive, fun and collaborative team environment
  • Work closely with marketing to ensure that all leads are treated as the gold they are - efficiently capitalizing on all opportunities
  • Collaborate with other departments to create a unified message and customer experience
  • Develop and manage P/L to ensure bottom line objectives are met
  • Build a learning culture; inspire and role model a growth mindset
  • Drive a clear and predictable business rhythm to engage employees, share information up, down, and across the organization, drive clarity of focus, and deliver results.
  • Document all processes, iterate and improve on them as necessary
  • All the things that have to do with running a sales department….

 Your Qualifications:

  • 5+ years’ leading a successful multi-level team (20+ people) in a fast-paced, high activity/volume outbound selling environment
  • Solution and relationship-based sales experience in the tech industry
  • Able to use, configure, and generate reports in Salesforce
  • Knowledge of how to use metrics and data as a way to support effective sales behavior and build motivating incentive plans
  • Thrives with high levels of autonomy with the ability to make solid plans and execute them
  • Hardworking, dependable, proactive
  • Ability to travel as needed
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree preferred.

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