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Executive Director

Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

The QTI Group has exclusively partnered with the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) to recruit for their new Executive Director. The Executive Director of the WVMA will be a dynamic leader who is able to connect with members and create greater value for the membership. This person will drive innovative ideas around programs, continuing education, and initiate proactive dialogue and thoughtful policy advocacy around issues affecting the trade.  They will align their staff around strategic goals to support veterinary medicine and practitioners. They will report to and partner with the board, bringing disparate voices to the table in a way that all feel heard and understood. The Executive Director will act as the liaison to the lobbyists and policymakers, advocating with political deftness, integrity, and drive to push for the best interests of membership. They will inspire greater engagement from members by offering valuable communications, tools, and resources to support veterinary professionals statewide.


Organizational Leadership:

  • Act as chief spokesperson for the WVMA, ensuring that the association is consistently presented in a strong, positive manner.
  • Lead strategic planning; develop annual and long-term strategic plans for membership expansion; grow current programs and services and develop new ones; define public policy initiatives.
  • Oversee the financial operations of the WVMA; create and manage annual budgets, monitor cash flows, provide accurate reports to the Board.
  • Work collaboratively with the staff to further goals, objectives and procedures. Support a high-performing team and ensure all team members are aligned to achieve organizational results.
  • Organize events and programs which will be invaluable to members’ success in their veterinary practices. This includes planning of seminars and continuing education supporting veterinary professionals and membership interests.
  • Oversee membership to foster retention and servicing of existing members; build membership through strong communication, effective advocacy and relevant programing.

Board of Director Support:

  • Serve as the principal resource and support to the Board of Directors and its key committees; collaborate with the board’s Executive Committee in the development of effective strategies to foster continued engagement by board members.
  • Support the ongoing recruitment, orientation, training, and stewardship of members of the Board.
  • Work closely with the Board Chair to ensure regular meetings, timely distribution of information to Board members, and compliance with the organizational by-laws and all relevant regulations and laws pertaining to non-profit corporations.
  • Provide leadership to ensure Board involvement in strategic planning and establishing organizational policies. Provide staff support to committees of the Board as necessary.
  • Work with the board to ensure they understand and fulfill fiscal responsibilities.


Requirements and Qualifications

  • Prior experience running and growing a trade association or a nonprofit organization.
  • Proven success working with Boards of Directors and committees.
  • Experience successfully managing and developing staff.
  • Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner and to gather and analyze information skillfully to make sound decisions.
  • Demonstrated fiscal management and budget experience, reviewing financial statements and ensuring sound bookkeeping procedures are followed.
  • Experience with strategic planning, brand marketing, and program/services development.
  • Excellent people and communication skills in order to develop, build and maintain strong relationships with members, community partners and legislators with widely diverse opinions.
  • Background in agriculture required, veterinary background desired.
  • MBA, desired.

Desired Attributes

Servant leader:  Portrays integrity, humility, honesty, enthusiasm, a commitment to the mission, and a strong work ethic, roll-up-the-sleeves attitude.

Collaborative: Understands the roles and contributions of the legislature, stakeholders and membership to bring people together through meaningful engagement toward common goals.

Brand Steward: A strong face of the WVMA, understanding their role in growing and protecting the reputation of the association; acts with integrity and strong ethics to foster trust at all levels.

Team-Builder: Ensures the right people are in the right roles; foster commitment, trust, and collaboration among the board, staff, and membership; support and encourage others to achieve; delegate to staff for learning and development opportunities.

Highly Organized: Able to manage multiple initiatives and details at one time

Business Acumen: Possesses a high-level of broad business and leadership skills to effectively oversee the organization.

Even-Keeled: Able to handle a lot at one time, including many varied opinions and member input.

Open-minded: Accepting of others’ viewpoints; flexible yet focused to manage varying personalities and viewpoints.

Technologically Savvy: Able to embrace the technical tools to allow the association to best serve its members.

Innovative: Able to think creatively and progressively about programs and services, embracing new ideas and strategies to better serve members and the profession into the future.

Charismatic: Outgoing, visible, approachable, good at remembering names and building valuable partnerships; able to network effectively with stakeholders and peer organizations

Communicative: Proactive, excellent interpersonal skills to both listen and professionally present information and viewpoints