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General Manager

Madison Environmental Resourcing, Inc.

The Opportunity

The General Manager is primarily responsible for the management and leadership of Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc. (MERI) and its employees. In addition, the General Manager will manage all operating and capital expenses in a cost-efficient manner and provide leadership, including goal setting and performance management to the employees. The General Manager is responsible for following all regulatory guidelines and the comprehensive protection and safety of all employees, visitors and company property. The General Manager is expected to utilize qualitative and quantitative data to make informed business decisions that will help the organization sustain and improve the overall business operations. The General Manager must establish and maintain relationships with all clients, the Board of Directors and other key stakeholders.

Essential Functions

  • Prepares and executes annual operating and capital expense budgets for MERI I & MERI II
  • Plan, direct, coordinate and manage all activities of MERI I & MERI II. Function as the General Manager to provide adequate, reliable and safe processes necessary to deliver optimal service to customers
  • Ensures employees of MERI have the necessary tools, on-the-job training, equipment, supplies, etc. to perform their responsibilities safely and effectively
  • Establishes performance goals and monitors execution of personnel to ensure performance is consistent with company objectives and policies. Makes recommendations to the Board concerning overall employee compensation, benefit plans and distributes per board approved direction
  • Provides coaching, leadership and employee development to all MERI employees
  • Ensures MERI meets all Federal, State, and local standards, codes, regulations, and licensing. Including compliance with OSHA, WI DNR and D.O.T. as examples
  • Establishes and maintains successful relationships with the Board of Directors, clients of MERI, employees and other key stakeholders
  • Identifies opportunities to improve the overall waste removal process to be as efficient as possible while maintaining high quality and safety standards
  • Responsible for the overall day-to-day management and operation of the business and property
  • Participates in the establishment of basic objectives and policies necessary to conduct and control the business and the development of an effective organization that fosters adequate controls
  • Responsible for the hiring and dismissal of all employees
  • Administers the Strategic Planning function, which includes advising and assisting the Board in formulation and coordination of long and short-range objectives and developing plans and policies to achieve them

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Business or related field; MBA preferred
  • Minimum five years operations management experience
  • Knowledge of DNR rules and regulations tied to the industry
  • Knowledge of OSHA standards and Regulatory Compliance Programs
  • Knowledge of State and Federal D.O.T. vehicle requirements, rules, regulations
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Exceptional decision-making skills
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with vendors, clients, and other key stakeholders
  • Experience preparing and executing an operational budget and capital plan
  • Strong Financial Acumen
  • Proven ability to create and foster a productive, supportive work environment and the ability to lead a team

About the Company

Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc. (MERI Inc.) is a fully licensed and insured medical waste transport, treatment, and disposal company servicing Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Northeast Iowa, Northern Illinois and Southeast Minnesota. We ensure your regulated waste streams follow all local, state and federal guidelines regarding proper transportation and destruction.

Mission: To provide innovative environmentally safe medical waste disposal services at a low cost so our customers can dedicate resources to patient care.


We know the healthcare world because we were born from it. In 1985, the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital, Inc. and SSM Health Care formed a non-profit alliance to cost-effectively collect and treat their infectious and medical waste.

Over the years, we’ve expanded to other states and serve a variety of organizations, with a full range of transport and treatment services. Today we do everything from devitalizing biotech waste to disposing of dental amalgam, from recycling sustainable materials like blue wrap and medical devices to collecting infectious waste and sharps through our nationwide mailback program operated under our subsidiary, Medical Environmental Recovery Inc.

However, our mission remains the same: to provide innovative, environmentally safe medical waste disposal services at a low cost so that our customers can dedicate resources to patient care.


  • We will build a culture based on trust, open and honest communication
  • We will develop customer relationships and programs which solidify customers for the long term while creating the desire for potential customers to seek our service
  • We will develop methods and/or technologies for collecting, processing and disposing of waste through partnerships with innovative companies that support our core mission
  • We will empower our employees to make informed decisions, accept responsibility and be accountable
  • We will comply with all regulatory requirements
  • We will treat our employees, customers and suppliers fairly

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