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President and CEO


The QTI Group is partnering with Aptiv to hire a new President and CEO. The President and CEO of Aptiv and the Aptiv Foundation will lead a committed, mission-focused staff to provide exceptional programs and services to support individuals with disabilities throughout Wisconsin. With an eye towards the future, this person will bring extensive knowledge about issues and services of importance to individuals with disabilities, and a focus for year over year growth through exceptional programs and services, fiscal management, and effective fundraising.

The President & CEO will ensure the mission, vision and values of the organization guide the daily actions and decisions. They will serve as a strong face of the organization around the state, as well as nationwide, as a forward-thinking leader with the ability to advocate for individuals with disabilities and to lead through times of unexpected challenge, as seen through the Covid-19 pandemic. They will be committed to building and maintaining relationships with key partners in the many communities served throughout Wisconsin and beyond, including corporate and individual supporters, partner associations, peer social service organizations, and public leaders and educators. They will maintain a thorough knowledge of all applicable laws, regulations and standards to ensure compliance.


The President and CEO will lead a Culture Leadership Team with respect, flexibility, and trust, providing the tools and support through professional development, effective technology, and mentorship for staff and board to serve the agency’s mission with the highest integrity. This role serves and reports to both the Aptiv Board and the Aptiv Foundation Board. The President & CEO will keep them apprised of important activities and strategic initiatives to ensure a cohesive partnership between staff and boards. Direct reports to the position include an Executive Assistant, as well as the leaders of the following functional areas: Finance, Program Operations, Marketing/Communications, Development, Human Resources, Community-Based Employment, and Area Services Directors. 

The President & CEO will reside in the La Crosse area and be committed to active involvement in the community as the representative of Aptiv.

Please view PDF for the complete job description and click "Apply Now" to submit your resume for consideration via the QTI website.