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President & CEO

Iowa Bankers Association

Iowa Bankers Association has exclusively retained The QTI Group to lead the search for its next President & CEO.

  • Mission: To contribute to the success of our members.
  • Vision: To lead with expertise and resources to empower the financial services industry. 

In Unity, There is Strength

On July 26, 1887, the Iowa Bankers Association became the fourth bankers association organized in the U.S. The IBA pioneered many services designed to enhance their members’ service to their communities.  The association has been dedicated to serving Iowa banks for 137 years and takes great pride in being one of the nation’s best and most innovative associations. The IBA is the largest state banking association in the United States. The IBA’s priority is to be a strong voice for Iowa banking – speaking to policymakers, thought leaders, regulators, the media, and the public. At the same time, the IBA supports industry success through a wealth of resources, including advocacy, compliance, education, marketing, human resources, and technology. The association is a community of 275 members and 188 associate members, which represents 98% of eligible banking institutions.

Affiliate Services

The Iowa Bankers Association provides access to innovative insurance and mortgage services designed especially with the banking industry in mind.
Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, Inc. offers a full line of insurance products, including property/casualty, life, health, annuities, and access to carriers. Since 1971, IBIS has been the partner Iowa banks and bank agencies have depended on for insurance expertise and outstanding service. The agency has grown and added multiple product lines, providing health, life, annuity, and property and casualty insurance coverages. IBIS also administers the Iowa Bankers Benefits Plan, a self-insured health plan for bankers in Iowa and Minnesota. IBIS provides health insurance to 19,000 bankers and their families. 

Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation offers products and support banks need in the secondary mortgage market. Since its inception in 1979, IBMC has been committed to serving community banks. Today, IBMC services a $9 billion portfolio comprised of more than 67,000 loans in eleven states. It is one of the largest mortgage loan aggregators in Iowa.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Services

As IBA entered the 21st century, it was apparent the sheer volume of banking laws and regulations required the association to expand its compliance services. At this time, the association began to supplement its regulatory counsel and training with bank pre-examination compliance reviews. This service has been of help to nearly every Iowa bank and has significantly enhanced the value of IBA membership.

Visit the Iowa Bankers Association website to learn more about its services and impact.

Iowa Bankers Association is seeking to select its next President and CEO to effectively lead the organization and its members and fulfill its mission. 

Relationship Development & Cultivation

  • Serve as the primary liaison for the IBA Board of Directors, and represent IBA with State and National Associations and other Partner Organizations. 
  • Represent the industry and association on various Boards of Directors, Committees, and Advisory Groups.
  • Foster productive relationships with bankers, legislators, regulators, media representatives, and industry leaders to facilitate the exchange of best practices, ideas, and insights. 
  • Interact with regulatory bodies and industry associations to offer feedback on upcoming regulations, champion policies, and partner with diverse stakeholders to collaborate on shared obstacles and advocate for exemplary standards. 
  • Evaluate the needs of member groups and communicate association priorities through consistent member contact, visits, and meetings. 

Advocacy & Stewardship

  • Uphold high ethical standards and demonstrate integrity through honesty, transparency, and accountability within the association.
  • Strive to elevate the reputation of the banking industry and highlight banks’ contributions to the economy through annual campaign coordination and other efforts. 
  • Represent and advocate for the banking industry with policymakers, media, and the public. 
  • Champion regulatory relief and serve as an advocate for member banks, actively promoting their interests within the financial sector. 
  • Serve as the principal representative for Iowa Bankers, leveraging expertise in political matters to advocate for policies that support fair, equitable, and transparent financial practices across institutions.
  • Assist member banks in navigating regulatory demands and managing risks effectively. 
  • Remain current with regulatory changes, implementing policies and procedures to meet compliance requirements, and conducting audits to evaluate adherence to regulations. 

Strategic Leadership

  • Establish the vision and strategic direction for the association and its service companies. 
  • Serve as a visionary leader, inspiring and actively engaging both internal and external partners. 
  • Champion strategic development by identifying a clear vision for the organization and outlining long-term goals and objectives.
  • Astute understanding and ability to forecast the evolving landscape of the banking industry, regulatory controls, and economic trends with the ability to adapt to changing times through innovative ideas and leadership.
  • Lead IBA as an educational leader within the industry, providing valuable compliance training resources and educational programs.
  • Direct strategic initiatives toward innovative approaches to add value proposition for our membership, ensuring member engagement surpasses 95%.

Financial and Operational Management

  • Ability to translate complex financial issues so they are readily understood by a diverse audience (bankers, lawmakers, regulators, media, etc.).
  • Strong understanding and working relationships with key team members within all 3 business segments of IBA.
  • Supervise and manage the financial performance of the association, ensuring long-term financial stability and sustainability.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • 10+ years of related senior leadership experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and implement financial services, insurance, mortgage, securities, and regulatory compliance programs and services.
  • Proficiency in assessing industry needs, with a demonstrated understanding of both industry trends and customer requirements. 
  • Demonstrated track record of effective communication skills. 
  • Evidence of successful collaborative leadership efforts.
  • Proven expertise in business acumen.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2024.