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First State Bank

The President/CEO is responsible for the overall efficient and effective operation and management of the Bank. Provides leadership, direction, guidance, and control of Bank activity to ensure sustained profitable growth. Ensures that the Bank’s long-term financial condition remains sound. Assists and supports the Board in reviewing and deciding matters having a major impact on the Bank’s mission.  Proactively recognizes emerging industry changes and develops strategies to capitalize on opportunities.  Positions the Bank to achieve and maintain high community respect

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Provides visionary leadership and is an agent of change. Articulates the desired culture for the Bank and works closely with the Board of Directors, Senior Leadership, and employees to advance a culture characterized by teamwork, cross-functional collaboration, open communication, integrity, and respect. Champions and communicates the mission, vision, and values of the Bank, role models appropriate behaviors in all interactions, and holds others accountable for same.
  • Works effectively and proactively with the Board of Directors. Makes recommendations to and/or informs Board on subjects such as financial results of operations, balance sheet composition, changes in organizational structure, new product/service offerings, regulatory compliance, risk management, capital position, and annual operating budgets. Regularly communicates with and informs the Board of all factors important to effective fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities. Serves as the liaison between the Board and officers/committees of the Bank.
  • With input from the Board of Directors, oversees development and implementation of the Bank’s strategic planning process.  Ensures and monitors effective, ongoing strategic thinking, planning, and implementation at the Board and management team level.  Meets regularly with management team.  Provides regular strategic updates to the Board.  Ensures that decisions made at all levels contribute to the Bank’s strategic direction and are aligned with core values.  Ensures that the Bank has an effective organizational plan and executive management capable of meeting current and future organization needs. 
  • Coaches and develops senior management team.  Sets Bank and individual goals and evaluates individual performance on a regular and timely basis.  Administers a succession management plan for management positions and other key positions.
  • Responsible for long- and short-term financial condition of the Bank.  Participates in recommending to the Board major matters/policies necessary to ensure the financial condition of the Bank is consistent with financial goals approved by the Board.  Oversees and monitors financial reports, actual results, and variances from plan/budget.  Actively involved in annual budget preparation and analysis, proactive asset liability management, and oversight of bank investment portfolio.
  • Works actively with the business banking relationship managers in direct support of their efforts to generate new business and retain customer base.  Develops and sustains an effective sales culture. Pursues and maintains collaborative, open-door relationships with key customers. Monitors the Bank’s loan portfolio performance and adherence to credit policy.
  • Leads and develops initiatives associated with capital planning, outsourced services, and new business entities.  Ensures the establishment of effective controls to measure performance against objectives and reviews performance from the standpoint of profitability preservation and utilization of assets, growth, and market penetration.  Counsels collectively and individually with the Board and its members on organizational direction, utilizing their collective skills to secure optimum benefits for the organization.
  • Works closely with the human resources leader to provide direction, advice, and guidance on aligning human resources programs and policies with the vision and culture of the Bank. Strives to achieve a banking team possessing the necessary skills and experience to be successful today and into the future. Ensures all programs are competitive to attract and retain talent.
  • Promotes and engages in effective bank-wide communication.  Regularly communicates with the banking team on various matters, e.g., strategy, goals, financial performance, culture, policies. Holds senior management team members accountable for cascading messaging.
  • Contracts with and works effectively with external consultants and advisory resources as needed to achieve optimal Bank performance and fulfillment of goals and objectives.
  • Represents the Bank in a professional manner with all regulatory agencies.  Works collaboratively with regulatory agencies to address and resolve issues of concern and maintain an effective working relationship to the greatest extent possible.
  • As a member of the local community, actively participates in civic and community activities consistent with the importance of position and encourages appropriate participation by other officers and employees of the Bank. Serves on related community/industry boards.  Actively represents the Bank to many of its external publics including shareholders and regulatory bodies.  Acts as the principal spokesperson for the Bank.

Secondary Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Engages in professional development activities to remain abreast of banking regulations and industry opportunities and challenges.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by Board.

Team/Committee Assignments:

  • Board of Directors and Board Committees
  • Senior Management Team
  • Officer Loan Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Asset and Liability Management Committee

Education, Experience & Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, finance, or banking, or equivalent education experience.
  • Graduate level preferred and/or completion of graduate level banking school.
  • 10-15 years general banking experience in senior management role(s) that spans functional expertise in at least two (2) major areas, i.e., lending, operations, trust.
  • 6-8 years executive leadership experience in a bank or financial institution.
  • Extensive experience and ability in making executive and daily operating decisions.
  • Thorough knowledge/understanding of legal and regulatory matters and industry trends.
  • Clear performance track record of having achieved results.
  • Strategic visionary with sound judgment and excellent analytical/technical ability.
  • Energetic leader who is forward-thinking, creative, and innovative.
  • Professional image that is appropriate and maintained.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Sets strong ethical standards with integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness in all professional relationships.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to effectively manage, direct, lead, and coordinate the work of others.
  • Effective organizational and analytical abilities that allow for multiple project leadership, mentoring and decision-making.
  • Results oriented.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Strategizes and collaborates with senior management team members.


  • Visionary: Creates a vision of the desired future for the Bank. Communicate clearly and enthusiastically that resonates with others. Brings the vision to life.
  • Strategist: Develops a long-range course of action or set of goals to align with the Bank’s vision. Focuses on the future and capitalizes on opportunities.
  • Change Driver: Creates an environment that embraces change and makes change happen. Helps others accept new ideas and focuses on continuous improvement.
  • Enterprise Guardian: Ensure shareholder value through courageous decision-making.
  • Talent Advocate: Attracts, develops, and retains talent to ensure that individuals with the right skills and motivation to meet the Bank’s goals and objectives are in the right place at the right time.
  • Delegation: Utilizes direct reports effectively by allocating decision-making and other responsibilities.

Performance Measures:

  • Meets or exceeds annual goals and key financial metrics pre-established by Board and CEO, aligned with the Strategic Plan.
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements and satisfactory regulatory ratings/exams.
  • Effective implementation of Board and executive policies and decisions.
  • Attainment of the Bank’s long-term and short-term strategic goals and objectives.