Nonprofit organizations and academic institutions are faced with a new set of challenges and opportunities that not too long ago were primarily limited to the for-profit sector.  Now, in addition to delivering on your mission, raising funds, and satisfying the diverse needs of your Board, donors, community members, and volunteers, you are asked to enhance your business acumen, demonstrate your organization’s impact, manage expenses closely, and implement more sophisticated HR practices to attract, retain, reward, and develop employees.

Whether you are a small or growing nonprofit or a large academic institution, we offer a wide range of HR services to meet your needs. We can provide just-in-time advice, assistance on a single project or position, or a long-term partnership. Our approach includes:
  • Compensation Consulting: Allow our experienced consultants to assist with benchmarking and establishing executive and staff compensation systems, as well as developing incentive plans.
  • Search for Talent: Optimize your path to finding top-level talent by partnering with the QTI team of experienced HR and recruiting professionals. We have deep experience working with Boards of Directors and search committees.
    • Understanding the strategic direction of the organization and the desires of key constituents.
    • Identifying the leadership talent you need and capitalizing on our broad network of relationships and passive job seekers.
    • Leading an engaging and thorough decision making process designed to connect you with the best talent.
    • Providing an onboarding experience that jump starts employee productivity, loyalty, and equips them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.
  • Motivate and Develop Employees: Elevate your organization and employees by partnering with QTI on succession and workforce planning, employee engagement surveys, HR workshops, performance evaluations, executive and board assistance and HR process assessments.
  • Integrated Solutions: Through our integrated solutions, we offer small-to-medium sized organizations our full suite of HR, payroll, and benefits administration services. Through this partnership, you are able to offer your employees a full suite of benefits at a reasonable price and without the headache of administering them.
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We share your passion which is why our solutions are intended to drive results, offer you peace of mind, and provide you with more time to concentrate on your organization’s mission. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization with its recruiting and human resources needs.

Read our case study “Finding Nonprofit Leadership Through External Recruiting Support” to learn how we helped a nonprofit organization find their new leader.