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Creating and Environment that Inspires Employee Performance and Engagement

Employee Engagement Article

The Gallup organization has recently reported that only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work.  This means that most of the workforce is not achieving their full potential and value. To remain competitive and attract and retain the best talent, It is imperative that organizations invest in employee engagement. Often the first step to take in the mission of high employee engagement is to find a great manager.

A great manager will develop and run a workplace where all members of the team give their best each day, are committed to their organization’s goals and values, and are motivated to contribute to company success. This is all done with an increased sense of the employee’s own well-being. Great managers consistently lead employees to achieve exceptional performance. James Harter, chief scientist for workplace management at Gallup, says, “Employees can do a lot of things to increase their engagement, such as identifying their strengths and finding work that mostly aligns with those, but whether employees feel engaged at work hinges largely on how their managers behave on a day-to-day basis. (CBSNEWS)”  

So what are the behaviors that create an environment in which employees feel motivated and comfortable?

  1. Communication. Specific behavior by managers “related to communication, performance management, and individual strengths – strongly link to employee engagement and give organizations better insights into developing their managers and raising the overall level of performance of the business” (HBR).  Managers must communicate with their employees to have high employee engagement.
  2. Effective Performance Management.  Establishing clear and measurable goals for employees, and connecting them to the larger organizational objectives, is a critical link to employee engagement.
  3. Focus on Individual Strengths. The best managers focus on building employees’ strengths as a far more effective approach than a fixation on weaknesses. Engagement among employees doubles when managers “help employees grow and develop through their strengths” (HBR).  Managers should position employees so that they can add skills and knowledge to their natural talents.

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