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New Year, New Career

Talent Article

QTI Senior Recruiting Consultant, Nicki McCurdy, shares advice for finding a new job!

It's that time of year when making a new year’s resolution is the “thing” to do. New Year, New You -  right? Whether it is to exercise more, drink less soda (gosh, I love a cold Mountain Dew), or prioritize time to do things we love, setting a resolution can help us be more focused and stretch to reach our goals.

But what should you do if your resolution is “New Year, New Career”? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Reflect.  Think about what you can do professionally to feed your personal happiness and vice versa.
  2. Set a Vision. Think about where you want to go and create a vision that will set you on a path to get there.
  3. Share your Vision. Shout it from the rooftops – assuming it’s not confidential! Share it with both your professional and personal networks. People innately want to help others – put this good nature to work for you!
  4. Network. Those who are well-networked are great dinner party guests…they know a little bit about a whole lot of things! Networking and participating in professional groups also help generate great resume content and potential interview discussion. P.S. – this should not only be done when looking for a new job.
  5. Be Curious. Set a goal to learn about others, their jobs, and their career paths. This will help generate ideas for your career search journey and expand your vision of what’s possible. 
  6. Keep it Simple. Skip the fancy resume templates! Proofread for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors, and then, have a trusted friend review it to catch anything you might have missed. Remember, your resume should not be a job description. It should highlight your accomplishments. This is also true of your LinkedIn profile!
  7. Prioritize your Search and Yourself. If your resolution truly is “new year, new career,” make it your priority. Get involved in professional and LinkedIn groups related to your interests. Connect (and reconnect) with those that can help with your search, such as recruiters, former colleagues, or bosses.
  8. Think Positively.  Consider any roadblocks, detours, or challenges to be great learning experiences and continue to move forward.

 Most importantly, be kind to yourself. You’ve got this!

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