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Organization Position
Mueller Sports Medicine Human Resources Lead (HR Director)

The QTI Group is partnering with Mueller Sports Medicine to hire their new Human Resources Lead. The HR Lead will further build Mueller’s commitment to people through the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of their human resource function and organizational culture.

The Human Resources Lead will report to the President, serve on the Executive Leadership Team and be the champion of the Mueller associate team. The Human Resources Lead will guide Mueller’s goal of ensuring a workplace where the company’s nearly 150 employees can succeed. The Human Resources Lead will partner with the HR Coordinator, as well as be a hands-on functional leader who will balance providing strategic HR business partner insights with the tactical execution of day-to-day HR responsibilities.

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Urban Land Interests Director of Commercial Property Management

The QTI Group is partnering with Urban Land Interests to recruit and hire for their Director of Commercial Property Management. The Director of Commercial Property Management is responsible for the leadership and performance of ULI’s commercial property portfolio as it relates to the technical, janitorial, parking and operations management.

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Leer, Inc. Director of Operations & Supply Chain

In response to continuing growth in sales, and product line expansions, Leer has exclusively retained The QTI Group to recruit for an experienced Director of Operations and Supply Chain. The successful candidate will have overall responsibility for the safety and productivity of approximately 120 employee owners, as well as the maintenance and enhancement of Leer’s two manufacturing plants covering approx. 250,000 sq. ft in New Lisbon WI.

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Full Compass Chief Operations Officer

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Full Compass will guide the leadership team to achieve strategic goals for company growth, stewarding the vision of the owners and board. The COO will be responsible for achieving unified strategic initiatives through improved efficiencies in sales, marketing, merchandising, finance, IT, and facilities operations. She or he will possess high emotional intelligence, humility, exceptional communication skills, and proven experience successfully leading teams. The COO will motivate, mentor, and support functional leaders in honing the processes and systems which drive the larger vision and bottom line growth. This person will evoke and instill trust in employees and owners alike, to see the potential growth opportunities ahead, and to enjoy the process of getting there together.

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