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Team Assessments

Team assessments for individual contributors, first-level managers, middle managers, and executives.

Let's Talk Team Assessments

Making Teams more Effective Through Team Assessments

As an employer, you've seen first-hand the benefits of teamwork -- diverse perspectives leading to more efficient problem solving, collaboration resulting in innovative ideas, and increased employee engagement as employees become more comfortable with one another. However, all teams, even the high-performing ones, are susceptible to dysfunction--from infighting to apathy-- which can hinder performance. Hogan's Team report helps minimize potential team derailers by assisting participants to understand their team's collective strengths, weaknesses, and unconscious bias while improving team communication.


Hogan Team Report

Designed as a team effectiveness tool, the Hogan Team Report will identify your ideal composition and evaluate your current structure. It allows leaders to see potential blind spots or derailers that inhibit their employees from being a highly effective team and provides insights and recommendations to implement that will enhance team performance. The Hogan Team Report draws on personality assessment to help teams identify and understand three internal dynamics.

  1. Team strengths and weaknesses
  2. Potential team fracture lines
  3. Team culture and shared values

What's Included

The Hogan Team Report aggregates team members' assessment scores to shed light on team dynamics.

Example deliverables include:

  • Debrief materials to facilitate team development conversations with detailed evaluations of team strengths, challenges, and values.
  • Visual overview of how team members work together (and how they risk falling apart).
  • Each team member's unique personality score allowing you to explore how they contribute to the group's performance.


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