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360 Feedback

Hogan 360 allows you to measure and develop employees at all levels.

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Develop Employees with 360 Feedback

Receiving feedback from employees is critical for developing managers and leaders as it provides the employees' unique lens of their performance. However, many employees are often not comfortable providing this upward review; therefore, many leaders may never receive this essential viewpoint.  Herein lies the significance of the 360-degree feedback assessment.

The 360-degree assessment allows employees a confidential way to provide feedback of their managers and leaders.  Beyond feedback from direct reports, the 360-degree review offers other managers and peers an avenue to provide their perspective -- ultimately creating a holistic, 360 view of the leader.


Hogan 360

Hogan 360 is an easy-to-administer questionnaire for comprehensively and confidentially reviewing leaders at any level of management.  It is designed to help leaders understand how their peers, managers, and direct reports view their performance. The 360 feedback is delivered by a QTI Hogan-certified consultant and provides coaching on areas for improvement.


The Hogan Leadership Model

The Hogan 360 validated researched-based leadership framework measures four key competencies: self management, relationship management, working in the business, and working on the business. 

Hogan Leadership Framework

Why Hogan 360

Hogan 360 helps improves self-awareness, performance, and reputation. Measuring both behavioral and business competencies, Hogan 360 creates learning and coaching opportunities and improves leadership effectiveness resulting in improved engagement, performance, and organizational results.

The most effective way to measure and improve leadership skills is by combining the Hogan 360 with the Hogan personality assessments as outlined below:

  1. Hogan Personality Assessments
  2. Hogan 360 Assessment
  3. High-Performing Team Assessment

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