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Finding the Right Leader: Matching Skills with Mission & Core Values

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Organization Overview

  • Employer Size: 24 full-time employees; 46+ seasonal employees
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Location: Wisconsin


A leading non-profit organization was searching for an Executive Director with the experience, skills, and passion needed to continue their critical work. Experiencing rapid growth due to an increase in community needs and restructuring of internal positions, the non-profit desired a leader who was missionally aligned with the organization’s core values.  QTI’s Executive Search Consultants, in partnership with the organization’s search committee, worked together to identify and understand the key qualities and characteristics necessary to lead this growing organization.

  • Long-term Executive Director accepted a position with another organization.
  • Due to increased community need, the organization was experiencing rapid growth.
  • Critical need for a new leader who not only had the right skills and background but was also missionally aligned.


QTI’s Executive Search Consultants immersed themselves in the work and the mission of the organization in search of their ideal candidate. QTI engaged in multiple conversations with the search committee to develop a clear profile of their next leader. They identified the required qualities and characteristics, including robust experience in relationship building, strategic leadership, financial management/acumen, operational management, community collaboration, aligned mission, and cultural leadership. One of the biggest obstacles was finding a skilled and experienced candidate who shared the same values and morals as the organization. The Executive Search Consultants were very intentional in their networking and sourcing strategies to attract exemplary leaders in the non-profit sector that would exceed the organization’s needs. They facilitated in-depth screening and interviews prior to presenting a slate of candidates to the search committee. Then, the consultants led the search committee through all interview stages, debriefing processes, and offer negotiations. 

"The Executive Search Consultants made it a priority to truly understand the needs of the organization through genuine interactives, active listening, and a focus on building collaborative relationships throughout the entire search process."


The organization hired its next Executive Director, who had the desired qualities and characteristics and shared a passion for its mission. The capacity of this leader will continue to enhance the valuable services and resources this organization contributes to the community. Both parties are incredibly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.


The new leader has the skills and abilities to move the organization forward and will focus on the following initiatives:

Driving Community Partnerships

Enhancing current programs and services.

Providing leadership to the organization.

Supporting underprivileged and vulnerable populations in the community.

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