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Sales Compensation

QTI ensures your company's growth and success through a strategic plan for your sales incentives and compensation.  We align goals, company objectives, and incentives to create the ideal path to success for your organization.


QTI recognizes your company's unique needs and organizational objectives, and strives to first perform a deep analysis of your strategies, current/past performances, in combination with outside market data to begin your custom plan design.

Our plans are designed to

  • Drive desired sales behaviors and seller activities (product mix, new customer acquisition, etc.)
  • Compensate sellers on the correct performance measures
  • Contribute appropriately to the overall cost of sales
  • Support a performance-driven work culture that motivates, properly incents, and financially rewards staff for meeting or exceeding desired results
  • Provide clear focus and measurement on clear objectives, as determined by leadership, with a meaningful link to rewards
  • Reward individual achievement while maintaining a team atmosphere
  • Support the company culture

Goal:  Successful Sales Incentive Plans delivered through strategy, organization, management and administration.

Our Plan Design Process Includes:

  1. Strategy and Objectives
  2. Performance Analysis
  3. Market Data
  4. Plan Design
  5. Plan Costing and Analysis
  6. Plan Documentation
  7. Communication and Rollout

Contact us to learn more about how our consultants can design a sales compensation plan that will motivate your sales team and drive desired results.