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Discover How to Find the Right Candidates

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With an ongoing shortage of skilled talent in today’s workplace, many employers are finding it challenging to find the right candidates to fill their open positions. Often, hiring can take time that employers simply do not have — especially if there is no formal human resources (HR) department. That’s when partnering with an experienced talent recruitment organization can make hiring easier and faster. In the following case study, you’ll learn how one company found a unique approach to hiring through the help of an organization with the expertise necessary to approach the situation with fresh thinking.


A small technology company located in northeast Wisconsin was growing after expanding into a new industry. This growth, coupled with natural attrition, led to multiple open positions and put their hiring needs at an all-time high. They knew they needed to hire but were having trouble filling these positions. And without a dedicated HR team or much recruitment experience, they found the entire process overwhelming and difficult. They leaned on internal recruitment efforts, but those too were ineffective and unproductive. After missing out on several crucial hires, they decided they needed help.

"What impressed me the most about partnering with The QTI Group is how they took time to understand who we are and what type of candidates are a good fit for us. " -chief operating officer


The chief operating officer decided that, if they were going to continue to grow and be successful, they needed a partner who could help them identify and screen individuals who not only had the skills and abilities for the jobs but were also a good cultural fit. After several meetings where attendees discussed these desires and the challenges the company had been experiencing, The QTI Group (QTI) proposed a temp-to-hire alternative to meet their needs. This option provided the flexibility the company was looking for while also meeting their growing demand. Additionally, the employees remained on QTI’s payroll until the company was sure they were the right fit.

What is Temp-to-Hire?

A temp-to-hire approach allows employers to quickly fill positions and get the help they need, while providing the opportunity to see if the candidate is a fit before committing to bringing them on full-time. This added flexibility is often appreciated by both employer and employee, as they can test the waters before a longer-term commitment is made.


To begin the recruitment process, and to gain a full understanding of the needs and company culture, QTI shadowed key positions and discussed critical skills and abilities with the company. Next, QTI scoured its candidate database and, using multiple job postings, job fairs, and various social media sites, cast a wide net to find candidates. After initially screening candidates, QTI interviewed, administered skills tests, and checked references. With the talent pool thoroughly scrutinized, QTI sent the top two to three candidates for each position to the company. The company chose to interview each one and eventually made their selections. Throughout the entire process, QTI continually updated the company and made adjustments to the job listings, candidate pool, and the process itself to meet their needs.

"They came and shadowed the positions to understand what they were doing and what the culture was."  


This small technology company experienced great success with the temp-to-hire strategy — so much so that it is now the preferred method for any hiring needs. In a short period of time, QTI helped it bring on multiple new employees including a bookkeeper, a receptionist, customer service assistants, and shipping clerks. By having a long-term, strategic recruitment partner, the company can focus on day-to-day operations and be assured that its hiring needs are being well met. By choosing the temp-to-hire strategy, it is confident the new employees will have the skills necessary for each position and be a solid cultural fit for the company.

"It has been nice to partner with them - so they can know our cultural fit."  -chief operating officer

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