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Employment Market Snapshot: Light Industrial Positions

Staffing Infographic

Wisconsin Market

Wisconsin's unemployment rate continues to decline, down .5% from January 2023.

2.4% Wisconsin Unemployment Rate

April 2023; not seasonally adjusted

Wisconsin Market Pay Rates by Position*

*Positions are at an intermediate level

Dane County Market Snapshot

QTI average hourly pay rates for light industrial positions in the Dane County market were up $1.16/hour over May 2022.  If the job is not on the bus line, the average hourly pay rate increase was $1.64/hour.

Not on the bus line?


Average increase in hourly pay rates for jobs NOT ON THE BUS LINE. (May 2023)

Milwaukee, WI Market

Like Dane County, pay rates in the Milwaukee and surrounding communities have also increased.  In just two years, pay rates have increased by more than $2.75/hour.

Transportation Matters

If the job is not located on the bus line, plan to increase your hourly pay rate to remain competitive.  The average hourly pay rate for light industrial positions not on a bus line is $18.56.


Average pay rate for jobs NOT ON THE BUS LINE. (May 2023)


Average pay rates for jobs ON THE BUS LINE. (May 2023)

Job Seekers Have Options

According to Indeed data, talent competition is high for light industrial positions. Using advertiser data, Indeed ranks the competitiveness of recruiting for specific jobs based on a score of 100. When compared to other markets, the below listed light industrial positions in the Milwaukee, WI area received a competition score of 80+ (May 2023)

  • 82/100 Machine Operator Competition Score
  • 82/100 Production and Manufacturing Competition Score

In addition, in the Milwaukee, WI market, 4,024 production and manufacturing related jobs were posted on Indeed in May 2023. 

Beaver Dam, WI Area Market

In the Beaver Dam, WI area pay rates have stabilized more than other markets but are still up $0.33/hour from one year ago. However, if the position is located outside of the city of Beaver Dam, the average pay rate increase is $1.23.

Locations Matters


Average pay rate for jobs in Beaver Dam, WI (May 2023)


Average pay rates for jobs located outside of Beaver Dam, WI. (May 2023)

Competition is High

Job openings in the Beaver Dam, WI, area are plentiful. Looking specifically at production and manufacturing openings, 734 jobs were posted to Indeed in May 2023. According to the May Indeed Hiring Insights report, competition is high for the following light industrial role:

  • 93/100 Production and Manufacturing Competition Score
  • 88/100 Packager Competition Score

Need recruiting assistance or want to discuss the competitiveness of your organization's compensation plan?  Contact us.

Sources: Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development; FRED Economic Data; Indeed Hiring Data; QTI pay rates based on placed candidates in the Beaver Dam, Madison, and Milwaukee, WI markets.  Job Postings deduplicated. WI Market Data - QTI Consulting, Inc.