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Employment Market Snapshot: Light Industrial Positions

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Wisconsin Market

Wisconsin's unemployment rate continues to be low which makes finding talent a challenge.

3.3% Wisconsin Unemployment Rate

November 2023; not seasonally adjusted

Wisconsin Market Pay Rates by Position*

*Positions are at an intermediate level

Dane County Market Snapshot

QTI average hourly pay rates for light industrial positions in the Dane County market were up slightly from May 2023. Average pay rates continue to be higher for jobs not on the bus line. 

Not on the bus line?


The average increase in hourly pay rates for jobs NOT ON THE BUS LINE. (November 2023)

Milwaukee, WI Market

In Milwaukee and surrounding communities, pay rates have increased by over $2.00/hour in the last four years.  However, pay rates dipped slightly in November of 2023 - down $0.32 since May 2023.

Transportation Matters

If the job is not located on the bus line, plan to increase your hourly pay rate to remain competitive.  The average hourly pay rate for light industrial positions not on a bus line is $18.45.


Average pay rate for jobs NOT ON THE BUS LINE. (November 2023)


Average pay rates for jobs ON THE BUS LINE. (November 2023)

Beaver Dam, WI Area Market

After a small decrease in hourly pay in May of 2023, the Beaver Dam, WI market has experienced an increase in November 2023. For jobs outside of Beaver Dam, however, the average hourly pay increased more to $18.48/hour.

Locations Matters


Average pay rate for jobs in Beaver Dam, WI (November 2023)


Average pay rates for jobs located outside of Beaver Dam, WI. (November 2023)

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Sources: Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development; FRED Economic Data; QTI pay rates based on placed candidates in the Beaver Dam, Madison, and Milwaukee, WI markets. WI Market Data - QTI Consulting, Inc.

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