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Going Beyond the Job Description Bullet Points

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Business Overview

  • Employer Size: 1600 employees
  • Industry: Biotechnology
  • Location: South Central Wisconsin


A Wisconsin-based biotechnology company’s compliance responsibilities were scattered among different business areas. To build efficiencies and a center of excellence for business compliance matters, the company formed a new role of Compliance Manager. Now, the compliance duties being performed by many employees would be combined under one centralized function. After weeks of recruiting for this new position, the company was able to attract attorneys and paralegals with law firm experience; however, none with the desired corporate business experience needed for this role. The client turned to The QTI Group for recruitment assistance and the opportunity to expand their search.

  • Company had an opening for a newly created Compliance Manager role.
  • Previous recruitment efforts netted candidates who were either over or under-qualified.
  • The ideal candidate profile included experience in compliance, as well as training, monitoring, and managing day-to-day business compliance matters.


Through a thorough intake meeting, the QTI Recruiter understood the biotechnology company’s needs and devised a strategy to target candidates at the appropriate career level with the necessary skills, experience, and characteristics for the role. The Recruiter was briefed on the competitive compensation and benefits package, including some stand-out benefits to highlight during the recruitment process.
To be successful in the search, the Recruiter knew their approach needed to focus on more than the “bullet points” of the job description. So, they developed an overview that shared the company story and compelling reasons why a candidate should be attracted to this company and role.

Armed with all the necessary information, the QTI Recruiter conducted sourcing and outreach to individuals who appeared to match the required skills and experience while ensuring that they did not overlap with the previous recruiting performed by the biotechnology company. Phone and video interviews commenced to assess characteristics such as communication and collaboration skills and the ability to build rapport. A slate of top candidates was developed and shared with the hiring manager for review and interview. The QTI Recruiter helped coordinate interviews for the company and served as a sounding board for feedback and questions throughout.

"The recruitment landscape is multifaceted. Candidates want to connect with their roles beyond a paycheck. They look for companies that align with their lifestyles, interests, and values."


The company hired a highly experienced candidate who checked the skills and experience boxes but, more importantly, aligned with their culture, mission, collaboration, teamwork, and integrity traits. 

When asked what the key to success for this recruitment was, the QTI Recruiter shared, “Professionals are getting hit up from all angles with new job opportunities. You have to find a way to make a job opportunity stand out amongst the sea of others.  So, we dug into what truly makes this company a special place to work and highlighted that in our candidate conversations.” 

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