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HR Staff & Recruiter - One and the Same?

Recruitment Article

For many who are not entrenched in the world of human resources (HR), the words “HR staff” and “recruiter” are interchangeable – they assume the tasks performed in each role are the same. While both roles are part of the HR profession, carry multiple responsibilities that need to be done seamlessly, and are crucial to a company’s success, there are distinct differences too. In smaller organizations without a large HR department, the HR leader is often responsible for the complete spectrum of HR. In other cases, the HR team includes recruiters who focus primarily on talent acquisition, but the entire team is not involved in recruiting. Let's explore the differences between these roles in more detail.

A recruiter may have a general or niche recruitment focus. Recruiters with a general focus recruit for all roles, levels, and industries, while those with a niche focus specialize in a specific industry or position type.  In both instances, recruiters play a crucial role in bringing the right talent into an organization, with duties extending far beyond attending a recruiting fair.  They are responsible for the full talent acquisition process, which often includes handling multiple requisitions simultaneously, requiring excellent organizational skills.  Examples of a recruiter’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Collaborating with HR teams to create job descriptions
  • Maintaining an applicant tracking system
  • Advertising positions
  • Actively sourcing candidates
  • Developing screening questions
  • Conducting interviews
  • Promoting the company, employer brand, and job to candidates
  • Collaborating with hiring managers or committees
  • Verifying references and qualifications
  • Extending job offers
  • Negotiating with candidates and hiring managers

Once a recruiter successfully hires a candidate, the HR team jumps in to establish a lasting relationship with the employee. HR staff will coordinate onboarding, training and ensure all the benefit and related paperwork is complete.  Outside of new employee onboarding, the HR team is typically responsible for training, promotions, performance reviews, compensation and benefits administration, and managing layoffs or terminations. Depending on the level and role of the HR employee, they may collaborate with leadership on organizational development, growth strategies, HR policies and procedures, best practices, human resources information system (HRIS) management, labor law compliance, fostering an inclusive work environment, addressing grievances, managing employee relations, and occasionally handling health and safety matters.

Employers without dedicated recruiters or time to focus solely on recruiting can partner with a recruitment firm to alleviate the recruitment burden.  Recruitment firms offer numerous advantages and valuable support, allowing HR staff to focus on their other responsibilities.

At The QTI Group, we understand HR professionals' critical and vast responsibilities and excel at “lightening the recruitment load” for HR teams. Our search consultants handle all stages of the recruitment process, from initial candidate screening and interview coordination to selection process facilitation and reference checks. In addition, we promise a caring, consistent, and confidential candidate experience. QTI’s services extend beyond recruitment, including Hogan assessments which assist with hiring decisions,  and compensation consulting to ensure the compensation for the role aligns with the market.  Our ultimate goal is to give HR teams more time to focus on their core duties and strategic initiatives by being a partner with the expertise to bring qualified candidates to the table quickly.

So, to answer the question --  “yes,” there is a difference between HR staff and Recruiters. Recruiters focus on talent acquisition, while HR professionals handle vital employee-related tasks, and each role is crucial to an organization’s success.  Whether a recruiter or member of an HR team, we invite you to explore the numerous benefits of partnering with a recruitment firm like The QTI Group to find top talent and receive ongoing support to help your organization thrive! Contact us to learn more!

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