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Top 3 Reasons To Use Hogan’s Development Assessment


The QTI Group found one of the top HR challenges that Wisconsin employers will face in 2024 is improving leadership development. Today, Hogan’s Talent Development Assessment provides a solution.

By analyzing your employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and motivators with a series of psychology-based personality tests, the Development Assessment provides development tracks for all employees. Whether they have the potential to be future leaders, top achievers, or reliable, trusted employees, the Development Assessment gets your team on track to reach its full potential. 

Here are the top three ways Hogan’s Development Assessment can grow your team: 

Gain Strategic Self-Awareness: 

You may think you know yourself, but everyone has blind spots. That’s why Hogan developed the concept of strategic self-awareness, or a complete understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how those compare to the people around you. 

Unlike its traditional counterpart, strategic-self awareness is impossible to achieve on your own. The Development Assessment gives you a unique insight into outside perception, allowing you to adjust your behavior, strengthen your interpersonal skills, and maximize your full potential. 

Identify Future Leaders: That new manager you’ve been looking for could be on your team already. With years of analyzing personality at all employment levels, Hogan knows exactly which personality traits signal a future leader. 

The Development Assessments pinpoints the individuals on your team with high leadership potential and gives individualized advice for development tracks. Save time and resources on outside hires while keeping your high-potential talent engaged and motivated to grow within your company. 

Take Down Turnover: If you want to retain your talent, you need to engage your talent. Prioritizing your employee’s professional development is one of the most effective ways to engage and retain your employees. 

Not everyone has the potential to be a leader, but professional development is still possible and important at all levels. The Development Assessment finds the right track for employees at all levels, improving satisfaction, performance, and reducing turnover. 

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