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Top 5 Hiring Success Factors for Employers

Recruitment Article
  • Write a clear and detailed job description.  The more targeted about the skills and competencies you can be – but not too long! – the better your job posting applicants will be. A good recruiter will help you create this, and will be able to effectively communicate the job description and more in a conversation with potential candidates.
  • Provide as much information as possible about the organization and the organization’s culture in the job description – this helps sell the candidate and differentiates one position from another. Most people are looking for a better culture fit if they are open to a move.
  • Communicate clearly and frequently with your recruiter. Share as much information about the role as possible. Keep them informed of any changes occurring throughout the search. Provide timely feedback after candidate interviews.  This is respectful to the candidate, but also helps the recruiter hone the search target when they are talking with people.
  • Manage your organization’s brand. Let the community know the good things your organization is up to. It is easy to hire good people when your organization has a good reputation.
  • Keep the search process moving. Losing momentum often results in a good candidate losing interest, especially if it takes weeks and weeks for feedback or next steps. A good recruiter will help keep you on track, scheduling meetings and facilitating the process all the way through the offer, up to and past the candidate’s start date. If you, the employer is busy, the recruiter can remind you of scheduling next steps, and stay in regular contact with the candidate as the “face of your organization” so the candidate has a few contact points between the offer acceptance and the start date.

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