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10 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

Talent Article

Video interviewing can be tricky.  With some careful preparation, you can showcase your ease with the technology and present yourself with a level of professionalism that will separate you from the rest.  Follow these ten tips for the best impact.

  1. Select a quiet, private environment where you have good high-bandwidth connection (such as Ethernet or good WiFi, not cellular/roaming) for your video interview location.
  2. Test the video software and connection on your device beforehand.  Hold a test video call with your QTI recruiter or a friend.
  3. Plan the video frame.  Have a neutral backdrop such as a blank wall behind you, if possible.  Try not to have personal clutter included in the frame.
  4. Place your device on a stable surface to create a good steady frame.  Position it on a shelf or something that puts the lens at your eye level (not below you at desk level, which is less flattering). 
  5. Face the lens squarely, not from an angle.
  6. Lighting: be brightly (but not sharply) lit from the front. Not backlit (which puts you in silhouette). 
  7. Allow extra time before the scheduled call time to preview your appearance and framing, and to avoid technical problems.
  8. Remember, eye contact happens when you look at your device's camera lens, not at the onscreen image. Position the onscreen image near the lens so you can make good eye contact. 
  9. Hold still, don't fidget.  Be seated with hands on the desk, or stand with your hands away - clasped or in pockets.
  10. Presence:  Posture, breathe, eye contact, relax, smile.  You got this!

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