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Staffing Agency Myths vs. Facts - Job Seeker Edition

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Interested in working with a staffing agency to find a job but don't know quite what to expect?  We're here to debunk the top five myths and to share how a staffing agency can help with your job search.

Myth #1: It costs money to work with a staffing company to find a job.

Fact: This is by far the most common myth held by job seekers.  You can feel confident knowing QTI will never charge a fee to the job seeker.  We partner with you to find the right job that matches your skills and interests -- at no fee to you. 

Myth #2:  Staffing Agencies take a portion of your paycheck.

Fact: You can rest assured as we debunk this myth.  Our services are billed to the employer seeking the talent and QTI does not get a "cut" of your paycheck.

Myth #3: Staffing Agencies only offer temporary positions.

Fact:  Staffing agencies are a bridge to new careers for millions of workers each year (ASA) and are a great opportunity to get noticed by hundreds of employers. At QTI we have job openings available on a temporary, contract-to-hire and direct hire basis across industries, skill levels, and job functions.

Myth #4: Staffing Agencies don't offer benefits.

Fact: While not all staffing agencies are alike on this myth, at QTI we offer many benefits.  While working on an assignment you can become eligible for paid holidays and vacation.  Plus we offer referral bonuses, weekly paychecks and more!

Myth #5: Staffing Agencies don't care about job satisfaction

Fact: At QTI, your job satisfaction is our priority.  Our team of recruiters offer personalized attention and are always working to fit the right people in the right places.

Ready to start your job search? Search current job openings now or call the QTI office nearest you.

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