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Recruiting the Right General Manager to Lead a Transition

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Organization Overview

  • Employer Size: 45 employees
  • Industry: Manufacturing; Specialty Food Importer
  • Location: Illinois


The acquisition of an Illinois-based specialty food importer by a larger organization in New York City presented a significant change for the company, transitioning from a founder-led model to a corporate and compliance-led structure. This shift required careful planning, strategic decision-making, and the identification of a General Manager to lead the organization through the transition and be financially accountable to the board in New York City.

  • Manufacturer transitioning from a founder-led model to a corporate and compliance-led structure.
  • A General Manager was needed to lead the organization through the transition and be accountable to the board.
  • The manufacturer partnered with The QTI Group to recruit for the new leader.


The QTI Group partnered with the organization to understand the current and desired state and goals for the General Manager role. Based on this understanding, QTI’s Executive Search Consultant created a candidate profile outlining the necessary skills and background for the General Manager to bridge the gap.

Key Skills Required

  • Operational leadership and management experience in food manufacturing. 
  • Compliance-driven mindset with experience in SQF, FDA, and USDA environment.
  • Site-level management experience with P&L responsibility.
  • Experience in businesses with substantial importation of raw materials.

With an ideal candidate profile developed, the Executive Search Consultant engaged in a comprehensive recruitment process to identify and attract candidates. This multi-source approach included networking with industry leaders for potential candidate leads, sourcing through various databases, and traditional job postings. 

The recruiter used behavioral-based interview techniques to shortlist the best candidates and share their details with the hiring manager. Along with a detailed summary of each candidate’s qualifications, the recruiter provided specific scenarios showcasing the candidate’s past experience that would benefit the General Manager role. Finalists were identified for the Hiring Manager to interview. Once a hiring decision was made, QTI performed the requested reference and background checks and assisted in the job offer processes.

"Using behavioral interviewing techniques allowed me to garner specific examples to share with the hiring manager, which gained credibility for the candidate to succeed in this unique scenario."

-Karla Morschhauser, Executive Search Director


The new General Manager is assisting with the transition to a corporate and compliance-led structure while supporting employees and fostering a positive culture for a successful change.


Through a partnership with The QTI Group to recruit the new General Manager, the specialty food importer gained valuable time and resources. This collaboration allowed the company to channel its efforts toward other initiatives associated with the transition, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient process.  The organization entrusted the recruitment process to the seasoned professionals at QTI, allowing them to hire the right General Manager to lead them forward. 

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