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Diversity Focused Recruitment Process Helps Identify HR Leader

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  • Employee Size: 90
  • Industry: Non-profit
  • Challenge: Association needs to hire a new HR leader due to a retirement


A Wisconsin non-profit association needed to find a new HR Director due to an upcoming retirement. With a focus on diversity and aligning with the national landscape, an HR professional with a background in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) was critical to the organization’s long-term goals. To expand its reach and tap into diversity recruitment expertise, the organization partnered with The QTI Group to find its next HR Director.


To begin the search process, QTI’s certified diversity recruiter met with the non-profit association leaders to understand the vision and needs for the position. Using knowledge gained from the intake process, the QTI team developed an ideal candidate profile. The recruiter then launched a national search, coupling traditional recruitment tools with diversity search techniques designed to uncover talent with experience in DEI. After interviews and assessments, QTI presented the association with a diverse slate of candidates for the HR role.


Thrilled with the outcome of the process, the non-profit association hired an HR professional with vast experience in DEI. While the initial opening was for an HR Director, the association was able to hire at the leadership level instead due to the experience and background of the candidate identified and selected. Today, the organization is furthering its focus on DEI for employees and members through the efforts of this HR leader and team.

"As a certified diversity recruiter, I was able to use unique search techniques that allow us to create an expansive and diverse talent pool."

--QTI Search Consultant


Engaging in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) can increase employee engagement levels. According to QTI’s 2021 HR Trends survey, employers who identified DEI as a strategic priority were 2.5X more likely to respond that they have had high employee engagement levels.

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