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Strategic Search Process Helps Identify Key Leader

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  • Employee Size: 500+
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Challenge: Finding the best successor for a key leadership position


Faced with the impending retirement of a key leader, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer needed to hire for an integral role. This individual oversaw technology and systems for the company and led a close-knit team of employees. As the leaders reflected, they understood this vacancy would leave very “large shoes” to fill and the importance of “getting it right.”

Initially, there was interest in the position from a valued internal employee; however, the organization’s leaders were unsure whether this employee had the required experience. As such, the organization decided to hire a recruitment firm to lead the search and evaluate the qualifications of the internal candidate.

"This manufacturer uses a very specific ERP system and required somebody with experience using it." - QTI Search Consultant


The QTI search team met with key leaders to assess the needs for the position and interviewed both the incumbent and the President. To maintain consistency with the recruitment process, the company interviewed the internal candidate, and QTI conducted a Hogan Assessment High Potential Report.

Based on this information, the team decided while the internal candidate was strong, they were not ready to lead an entire team. To help further develop this employee into a future leader, QTI developed a coaching report which identified a few key focus areas.

QTI launched the external search for the leadership position. Through networking, sourcing, and recruiting, the search consultant identified and interviewed top candidates. Following, QTI presented the President with a candidate slate, who then conducted internal interviews. With the top two finalists identified, each candidate completed a Hogan Assessment to help further uncover potential fit within the role and organization. The finalist was then selected and hired.


The Hogan High Potential report is designed to maximize leadership potential by helping emergent leaders become more effective, and effective leaders become more emergent.


Through a consultative approach, QTI assisted the organization in making the best decision for the company and determined a development path that kept the internal candidate engaged and retained. The manufacturer hired a qualified leader that fit the team and company culture, and that could quickly step in and take over the department. Plus, due to the quick search process, there was overlap between the new hire and the existing leader, which allowed for cross-training.

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