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Looking for Talent? Partner with a Search Firm

Recruitment Article

Keri Allard, Director of Business Development at QTI, shares the top benefits of partnering with a search firm.

You just had a key employee resign. After digesting the information and wishing them well, thoughts began racing through your head.  “How am I ever going to replace them?  Where will I find someone with the right knowledge base and expertise?  Where do I start?”

Not to worry; there is no reason you need to tackle this situation alone—partner with a search firm to find talent and experience these benefits.

 Access to Top-Tier Talent

  • In addition to their extensive talent databases, Search Consultants know where to find talent and are deeply connected to these networks. Plus, they are skilled at finding the passive job seeker, who is likely not on the job boards, applying to your job board.

More Time to Focus on Your Business

  • If you are like many HR professionals and hiring managers, you wear many hats.  Finding time to research job boards, filter through resumes, and screen candidates can be challenging.  When partnering with a search firm, the Search Consultant will handle the recruitment process, including candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, reference checking, and more.  Then a slate of top candidates will be delivered to you to review and interview.

Assessment Tools to Ensure Fit

  • The largest investment an organization has is its people.  So, when an employee leaves, it’s costly – the average turnover cost is 1.5-2 times the employee’s salary.  When hiring, the employee must have the right fit, experience, and background for the role and your company.  Partnering with a search firm that uses assessments as part of its recruitment process can help reduce the turnover risk. Assessments like Hogan can ensure culture fit by identifying performance risks before hiring, exploring strengths and values, and understanding how candidates approach problems and think tactically.

Guidance on Best Practices and the Market

  • Recruiters know the talent market and hiring trends.  As your partner, they advise you on best practices, interview questions, compensation, and the local market. Recruiters are backed by specializations and industry expertise which results in securing excellent candidates who want to live, lead and work in the community.

Ready to explore how a search firm can help your organization with its hiring needs?  Contact Keri Allard to learn more.

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