3 Trends to Help Employers Compete in 2019

qti-talent-trends-2019 What Can You Do to Stay Competitive?CompensationWorkEnvironment 3 27% 1 Consider other ways to differentiate your company:25%10%CareerDevelopment 2 50%25% qti@qtigroup.comWe can help your organization leveragetalent trends to drive better business results. Contact us, and we’ll help you get started.Is your organizations strategy to retain and engagecurrent talent, and attract top new talent ready for2019? Consider the following when creating yourtalent management program:Put your best foot forward by offering strong and unique benefitsKeep current employees engaged through stay interviews, engagement surveys, anddevelopment programsRetain top talent by conducting annualcompensation studies and issuing totalrewards statementsRewarding employees helps them feel valued, remain motivated, and perform to their potential. However, many organizations compensation programs are not strong enough to retain top talent.Conducting annual compensation studiescan help you determine if your companyspay is competitive in your industry.Issuing annual total rewards statements helps employees understand the full valueof their compensation and benefits package.of organizations reportlosing talent to morelucrative offersreport that compensationwas the top reason for resignationPay to KeepTalent In-HouseEnact EmployeeEngagement StrategiesFirst impressions can make all the difference.So, what are companies highlighting in orderto put their best foot forward?Make a StrongImpressionIn a candidates market, attracting and retaining top talent in 2019 will be harder than ever. In its annual Human Resources Planning Survey, The QTI Group highlighted how Wisconsin employers plan to stay competitive this year.3 TRENDS TO HELPEMPLOYERS COMPETEIN 201949% are making their best offer out ofthe gatePresent a strong benefits packageCreate a generous PTO policyOffer the ability to work remotely