The Engineering Skills Gap

Having troubling filling your engineering positions? It’s harder than ever to recruit top talent. The engineering industry is experiencing a skills shortage that will impact the economy for years to come. We’ve all heard about the great Baby Boomer exodus that is feared to leave a chilling effect as years of knowledge and experience walk out the door. An article on states, “If the demand for workers continues and if a good-sized segment of that workforce is poised to retire, skills gaps are likely to become a real issue.”

Baby Boomers are not the only issue causing the engineering skills shortage. According to ERE Media, “as the population of Americans aged 25-54 increases, their labor participation is actually shrinking, causing a deficit, and many Americans aged 16-24 simply aren’t entering the labor force.” Retiring Baby Boomers, coupled with the reduction in young talent entering the workforce poses a real threat to organizations seeking engineering talent.

The QTI Group is here to be your engineering recruitment partner. From job postings to sourcing to interviewing, we are happy to assist you with full lifecycle recruiting. Engaging QTI on your engineering searches will allow you to prepare for the anticipated skills shortage by giving your organization time to embrace mentoring, enhance training programs, focus on retention and engagement, and improve recruitment strategies. Together, these things will give your organization the natural pull needed to attract today’s top talent.  Contact us today to learn how The QTI Group can be your recruitment partner.